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Nov 6, 2022Liked by Nika Talbot

Great post. (There's slight microphone static on the audio file from 30 seconds onward.) Hope the Observer building proves motivating, and socially conducive to finding interesting projects. The problem with freelancing from home is the complete lack of social interactions/distractions, and contacts to establish further projects. If I'm doing something boring, I end up snacking or drinking too much tea/coffee. If it is really absorbing, I forget to eat, sleep or go the bathroom, until fainting from hunger/thirst, or in pain!

Hope your trapped nerve gets better soon! Holidays are essential to relax and de-stress, so I hope you get away. Every few weeks I get a couple of days of pain from a nerve in a foot which was run over on a zebra crossing long ago. To reduce inflammation of the nerve I take aspirin, which helps a bit. High caffeine intake makes it much worse, but I need a lot of caffeine to function.

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