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My motto: Work less. Make more. Enjoy life.

‘Nika writes a really helpful newsletter for the intersection of writing, the digital world and entrepreneurship, which can be a lonely place for a lot of people. Her guidance is greatly appreciated.’ - Ann Marie McQueen, Founder and CEO | HotFlash Inc

Who is it for?

Content entrepreneurs. Indie newsletters. Solopreneurs. Courageous marketers. The psychologically unemployable.

Creator-focused companies who recognise that the opportunities lie in building out the ecosystem around creators as founders.

‘Despite the headwinds, the number of people becoming creators is increasing—motivated by their quest for independence, flexibility, creative freedom and uncapped earning potential.’ - Antler | The 23 Creator Economy: A new direction

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3 Reasons why…

  1. Work better, think better. Ask bigger, better, bolder questions for richer conversations.

  2. Share stories of modern business. My commitment is to do 100 interviews with successful soloists who love what they do. Deep dives into creativity, entrepreneurship, personal development and lifestyle design.

  3. Financial freedom - I’m building a 7 figure sustainable content biz that I can operate from anywhere (gotta have big, hairy, audacious goals!)

A little about me…

I’m an award-winning writer and author. 15 years ago, I left London’s media hub – financial meltdown and burnout trying to juggle freelance journalism (precarious, low-paid work) and being a new mum.

Since then, I’ve built an indie copywriting business on-sea and written 12 books on health & wellness topics.

Now exploring content entrepreneurship - the fastest-growing type of new business and the creator economy.

Earning more, working less, and building systems for myself to work better, save time and enjoy life.

Having fun helping others fly solo - and busting the myth that solopreneurship means doing it all on your own. Business is about relationships, connections, fun, energy - and for me, it’s a spiritual journey.

Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

1. Founder Files - have a story to share about solopreneurship? Get in touch. Here’s one I did with Ellen Donnelly.

2. Reader Mailbag - send in your questions. I’ll share some useful resources and put you in touch with someone who can help.

3. Promote your Products & Services

Run a classified ad. If you have a product, service, newsletter, event, job, book, article or anything else you’d like to share with readers, this is the place to do it.

My loyal readership includes founders, marketers, journalists, creative entrepreneurs and freelancers actively looking for recommendations and inspiration to improve their professional and personal lives.

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‘Nika has written 12 books relating to health & wellness. There is fun to be had as we make The Shift to work smarter and live better. Recommended reading for Workforce Futurists!’ - Andy Spence, Founder and CEO | The Workforce Futurist

Ellen Donnelly, Founder + Chief Coach, The Ask

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