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I’m exploring the ‘humans plus tech’ evolution through 2035, focusing on how we can win at AI, upskill, and collaborate (no impact is an island) to reach our full potential. Bringing work and wellness together for happier, healthier humans.

  • I write to think deeper about my craft, content connection, communication as culture, and the future of work (entrepreneurship) as we live longer.

  • I interview creative folks I admire—delightful and insightful chats.

  • I curate links to make you think and take action.

“The Shift” means two things to me:

  1. Moving from 9-5 to self-employment and remote work after having my daughter Julieta (now 17!)

  2. Being more self-sufficient and selective: interesting, well-paid work that lights me up and cash and calendar freedom.

And now, more big shifts in Internetland:

  • AI and Exponential Growth: Open AI announced GPT-4o, with even better capabilities across text, audio and video. Is AI part of your media strategy? Hoping it will give me more space to go deeper into what matters as a soloist. Get me to inbox zero, clone.

  • Future of Creativity: Jack Conte’s keynote at SXSW on the death of the follower + the future of creativity on the web. The solution: a direct-to-fan business model and deeper connections. Let’s see how the next wave of internet companies tackles this.

  • The Age of the Sovereign Writer: Newsletters are the best thing since sliced bread. The most intimate form of journalism and a powerful (yet often underrated) tool for engaging with your audience. Soon, everyone will have one.

I believe a newsletter will become as ubiquitous as a Facebook account in the next few years.Boye Akolade, co-founder, TheFutureParty

What a time to be alive! Whether you sign up for free or become a member, I hope you join me on this wild ride.

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Why I write

Content that moves: I help founders make a global impact with their stories. Life’s too short to play small.

In a nutshell, I love a good story. I believe in the power of writing to connect people and create a more compassionate world.

I’ve been writing online since ‘99, working independently and collaborating with companies, agencies, startups, and my startup babies (Rude Magazine, The Shift).

I work with the NUJ to help freelance journalists survive and thrive in an expensive city and a modern, messed-up media world.

I’ve published 12 books on health and wellness topics.

Illustration by @Sophillustrates

From 2015-18, I ran St Leonards Salon, offering talks and workshops and co-working for creative businesses, collaborating with New Writing South.

My mission is to help more women achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship, aligning with UN 2030 Development Goal 5. I want to see more female founders succeed and fill my feed!

Home is a tiny apt on the English Riviera with my favourite human being: my daughter.

Simplifying my life and work. Planning a grown-up gap year on my quest to find out how to Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones 🇮🇹

Have you seen it yet? Turns out the secret to a long, healthy, happy life is connection and community—sharing stories around the campfire.

Gotta have big, hairy, audacious goals, right?

Life’s too short for the in-between.

Nika ✨

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Big ideas, writing and entrepreneurship in a new era. Human creativity + AI. By award-winning writer Nika Talbot.


Get me to inbox zero, clone. Founder at Firebird Studio. Writer at The Shift | Big ideas, writing and entrepreneurship in a new era. Human creativity + AI ✨